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I like your projects and content! I haven't yet used source hut for my 
projects but I think it's great, it's very light and quick to use. My main 
problem is the email patch thing which is something I'm not used to but thanks 
to your git-email tutorial I think I could get into it pretty quick!

Hare is also a language that definitely interests me and I really want to make 
a game with it! Whenever I do that, I will publish the sourcecode for it on 
sr.ht only :)

Know that for all the haters there are always people like us who find your
principles and how you stick by them very inspiring. I may not agree with 
everything, but I do have respect for you. Your blog among many others has 
helped me to evaluate what is important for me in computer world. I may not be 
a 100% FOSS only user, but I do certainly have strong passion for it now, and 
you're one to thank about it. :)

You're doing good work. We all should compliment each other more, it's way too 
easy to be negative.

Keep your head up!
- Akseli Lahtinen
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