RE: Software developers have stopped caring about reliability

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Don't even need to wait a week. I've already thought doing this after
reading the danluu article. One of the more perplexing bugs (feature?)
I've already written about is how XFCE hardcodes the inactivity value
for suspend to 14. So when setting it from the command line, setting it
to off you need to use 14, not 0...

For websites, especially JavaScript based ones, too many to list. Most
notably are ones that require JavaScript just to render text. Because
you can't make a website without the latest React/Webpack/insert hot-
tech framework here.

For games, also too many to list. Memory leaks, slow loading, crashing,
performance issues.

Pretty much anything web-based, especially Electron, is guaranteed to
be full of weird networking or performance bugs.

RE: GitHub stale bot considered harmful

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Agreed, people use the GitHub stale bot for the wrong reasons. There
seems to be a trend by developers for inactive issues to be closed
either because "lack of inactivity" means the issue is not worth
investigating or to chase bug metrics. It's even worse when the bug is
locked which means that users have to create a new issue. There are
plenty of bugs that aren't updated or solved until years later. I think
this is a classic example of developers solving a problem that doesn't
exist or responding to perverse incentives for metrics.
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