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Drew, great article. Thanks for the reminder about good technique such
as using the <summary> element. It's a nice example of it on

Paywalls can be almost comical in their desperation to get you to sign
up, throwing obstacles and CTAs. And if you try to use an adblocker, in
place of ads you get a treatise on why adblockers are bad for humanity.

In the sites we have built over the last couple of years, I've been
paring down and getting away from too much javascript when not needed
or there are alternatives, and using more light weight css libraries.
And the whole GDPR thing in Europe got me thinking about having any
tracking at all, such as Google Analytics or Maps.

I notice you're keeping fonts super minimalist, which will help keep the
page load speed to a minimum. Working in Japanese I use web fonts to
avoid ugly system fonts, but, the load times really make me think twice
about it every time I do.

A total aside: as I was poking the tires of the services, I
noticed it is written in Python, which is kind of a refreshing change
from javascript-everything these days. That reminded me of Plone, a
super heavy CMS system I implemented for a client years ago (talk about
a CLA!).

Rick Cogley
M: +81-90-9959-5452