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Re: On the profitability of image hosting websites

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This is a reminder to write about the history behind sr.ht project as
suggested on #sr.ht IRC channel

Re: On the profitability of image hosting websites

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First, there was MediaCrush.


It failed, was expensive to run and showed no signs of turning a profit
so we shut it off. I switched to pomf.se for my personal needs. Then
pomf.se was shut down...

I liked the pomf.se UI so I cloned it. I was sick of file hosting
websites going under when faced with the load of an internet full of
people who wanted to use their services for free. I still needed a place
to host my files, though, so I made something for myself and made it
invite-only, then let only a couple hundred users in. Therefore costs
stayed low, I wouldn't be contributing to link rot, and I would always
have a place to host my files.


I picked up the sr.ht domain on a whim because I saw that it was short
and available. I used it for a dumb little URL shortener for a while...
but this seemed like a better use for it.

This is still actually running, but it's hidden and its account system
is disconnected from the rest of sr.ht. I don't intend to let any new
users into this. Eventually, a tiny community started growing around the
site. To service this community I started adding little hosted services
for them, including a gogs[0] server.

[0] https://github.com/gogs/gogs

Around the same time I was getting annoyed with other forges not
offering all of the features I want, being closed source, etc. I had
always said I would implement my own CI at some point, too. So I started
working on sr.ht v2, which is the sr.ht you know today, around 2 years

Now you know!