Thanks for getting me introduced to netsurf! I have a request.

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I'm not really good at understanding anything related to code since i'm
just turning 18 and got introduced to computers very late in my life,
but in the small amount of time I've spent with them, I've played
around a lot with html and css (not much javascript, it feels so hard
to understand but I'm working on it because that's what the modern web
requires); and the world of making webpages has fascinated me a lot.
But having a comparatively weak system makes it difficult to run modern
 browsers like the ones based on chromium and on firefox. Now don't get
 me wrong, I like shiny UI and interactivity as much as the next
person, but it's not much use to me if I can't run it without pulling
my hair out. The simplicity of your blog and of sourcehut's design is
what got me following you in the first place, and netsurf fits my idea
of a web browser perfectly, although it does lack a few features still
like css animations (which I tend to use a lot to try to make my
webpages feel responsive).

As for the framework you mentioned in the article:
> ...and in the course of that work we will be building a new HTML+CSS
framework (think Bootstrap) which treats smaller browsers like NetSurf
as a first-class target. The goal for this effort will be to provide a
framework that allows for conservative use of newer browser features,
with suitable fallbacks, with enough room for each website to express
its own personality in a manner which is beautiful and useful on all
manner of web browsers.

I would like to know more about this, and would like to see if I can
help in any way possible.

Also, this is the first email I've sent with the mailing etiquette in
mind and I manually had to wrap all my text to 72 columns or smaller,
but I don't know if I've done it right; any feedback would be

Ash (not-a-web-developer on sourcehut and github)
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