Have you considered XDR before BARE?

Tomer Weller
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Hey there. big fan of your open source work - Thanks.

Was wondering if you considered XDR
(https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4506) and if so what were it's

I understand that It's a bit less compact than BARE (aligns to 4
bytes, not 1) and it's age is showing (big-endian encodings,  ASCII
strings). With that said, it's a concise and minimal standard that has
been in production systems since the 80s. There are modern
implementations (here's one in go, for example:
https://github.com/xdrpp/goxdr) but rolling your own shouldn't be that
difficult. In fact, the set of supported types in BARE is *almost
identical* to XDR.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe this time we can stay with
just 14 standards :)

In full transparency: I work for the Stellar Development Foundation
where we use XDR extensively
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Hey Tomer, I gave a quick read over this RFC and it looks pretty neat!
It's the closest prior art to what I was aiming for. It still suffers
from some issues - you pointed out the 32-bit alignment as one, there
are others - so a revised spec based on this would have been necessary.
I think ultimately BARE is simpler and more compact, so its existence is
justified in the face of XDR. I might take some cues from XDR before I
finalize the BARE spec, though.

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