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I just wanted to say thank you for that post.

I am a Java developer turned Python developer who landed in C.  I develop in an extensive real time system with 100's of executable and millions of lines of code.  I really liked the article and it falls in with how I feel about C.  Since finding myself in C I have read books and studied C++, C#, Rust, Lua, Visual Basic and so on.  Nothing has come close to convincing me to not use C.

I agree with that C++ being entirely different.  Our graphics does run in C++ so I have been studying "high performance C++" to work on some issues on that end.  The books on this, frustrating to no end.  All of the C++ high performance keeps comparing it to other "object" oriented languages.  I agree, C++ is very performant compared to Python and Java.  The funny part, it keeps using C as the performance standard and how it compares to C.  Overall, it only convinces me to never give up C.

Anyway, just a rant, but you article made me feel better I am not the only one wondering why people keep using memory allocation in C like it's a bad thing.  I think they just want the code to write itself instead of actually learning the intricacies of computer systems and software.

Have a great weekend,


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