small update on BARE standardization, I will continue work in the September/October, future plans

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Hello guys,

I would like to make a quick update on BARE standardization. I joined
IETF 114 DISPATCH meeting [1] presenting the BARE draft.

I am not good at presentation (sorry). There was some positive and some
negative feedback. The argument that there are a lot of competing
standards that are not properly standardized, and BARE covering them
all, is not enough.

The conclusion from the meeting is to form small WG to discuss this
topic further. I will continue the work in the mid of September.

The future steps are to write WG charter, form the WG, research this
topic further, and do some conclusion from the WG.

When the conclusion of the future BARE WG would be not to process toward
the standardization, I am still thinking about reformulating some
sentences in the I-D and go back to Independent Submission Editor (ISE)
to publish the BARE in the Informational track.

Have a nice day,

[1]: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/minutes-114-dispatch-202207251000/
Victorien Elvinger <victorien.elvinger@inria.fr>
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Hi Jiri et al.

I am glad you think about a plan B.
I am skeptical about this IETF Working Group.

As anyone can notice in discussions, everyone has his idea
about what BARE should be. There is no clear direction,
and this promise complexity and headaches.

I think we encounter too much reluctance...

have a nice day!
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