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X201 user here. Although I primarily use a T460s nowadays, I'm never getting rid
of that trusty old computer of mine. The X201 is approaching 10 years old this
year and it's still chugging along just fine outside 4K video playback (which is
overrated, anyway). The keyboard layout, its durability and netbook-like form
factor keep me clinging onto it.

That said, I've been saying that the tech industry has been in a state of decline
since around 2012. Laptops of today are atrocious; I miss having an intuitive,
functional MP3 player on the market, like the Sandisk Sansa Fuze; mainstream
operating systems have become far more user-hostile and privacy-invasive... I'm
concerned about the future of computer technology outside the world of FOSS.

Steven Peguero