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Been a little while since I sent along an update, because most of the
recent news is boring stuff (and I've been busy on other projects, so
things have been slow regardless). Some cool news has accumulated,
though, so I do have some cool stuff to share with you.

    general news

I finally registered sr.ht as an LLC, so I guess I'm officially a CEO
now. I also did some other businessy-things, which will make it easier
to eventually set up billing, do taxes, etc. Boring stuff but had to get
done at some point.


I sat down and made some new build images per some user requests. Now
available are the `alpine` and `freebsd` images. I'm excited about the
latter, it's nice to prove that the KVM-based build system can support
arbitrary kernels :) I still need to put in some work to make these
images self-hosting - I did most of the work for Alpine, but ran into a
snag which resulted in one of the weirdest bug reports I've ever


I need to run qemu in docker in qemu in docker to validate build images.
Perhaps unsuprisingly, this ran into some issues! If this ticket doesn't
get some motion soon I have some workarounds in mind. I also need to put
in the work to automate FreeBSD images, and I want to make Fedora and
CentOS images soon. I also want to build more *BSD images, namely
OpenBSD and NetBSD. It might be cool to throw in Minix for good measure.
I also did some brainstorming about how best to support custom
user-uploaded images, more news on that later.


Only minor news here - I added a "Details" button to all emails. Getting
this to work without JavaScript was a bit of a challenge! Clicking it
will now show you the message ID, which you can copy+paste into git
send-email or your mail client. It also gives you a link to download the
raw email, which you can pipe into git am to apply patches. There was
also briefly a message collapse feature which let you collapse
sub-threads to browse archives easier, but I ran into some issues and
need to go back to the drawing board on that one. Also fixed a bunch of
bugs, thanks to everyone who sent feedback and helped test out the new

Drew DeVault