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Hi there! I want to thank you once again for trying out the sr.ht alpha,
and get you up to date on new developments here.


I'm sure most of you have already noticed the biggest change in recent
weeks: the new git repository browser. It's written from scratch to fit
better into the sr.ht style and usability guidelines, and will be much
easier to extend with more features in the future. I think I've found
and addressed most of the bugs with the help of user feedback, but
please keep the feedback coming.


New contributor Ivan Habunek has been working on an excellent patch set
which adds support for labels to todo.sr.ht, for categorizing and
organizing your tickets with. These patches are still under review, but
expect that to land soon. I also fixed a number of minor bugs, and
changed the From address in emails from todo.sr.ht - update your


builds.sr.ht has been pretty quiet, but I've been sorting out a handful
of bugs which came up after the move to the Go build runner I talked
about in the last update. Please keep sending me feedback as the new
system sees use in the wild - and thanks for all the great feedback so


In general news, I've been slowly improving the reliability of sr.ht. I
set up monitoring which emails me every time an exception occured, and
fixed 5 or 6 bugs I didn't know existed. I'm also still working on the
transition to Alpine Linux and to better hardware. This is important,
but it's not getting done very quickly so I think I'm going to renew my
efforts on this front and step away from new feature development for a