[dispatch.sr.ht] Multi-submit is now available

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For those of you who use dispatch.sr.ht to run Github builds on
builds.sr.ht, you'll be happy to know that multi-submit is now
supported. If you don't have a .build.yml file at the top of your repo,
dispatch.sr.ht will submit builds for .builds/*.yml. This is useful, for
example, in testing multi-platform support for your projects.

This was added to git.sr.ht a while ago, but dispatch.sr.ht uses a
separate build dispatcher and it took me a while to get to it. Sorry for
the wait!

Oh, and if you didn't know what dispatch.sr.ht is, I've been keeping
quiet about it because it's by far the least polished sr.ht service. The
goal is to connect sr.ht to other services, and currently it only
supports building Github commits & pull requests on builds.sr.ht. In the
future it'll be used to, for example, run builds for patches sent to
lists.sr.ht, or connect to other forges like Gitlab, BitBucket, etc.
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