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Download raw message has been around for a while, but it was very unpolished
and I kept it quiet until I had time to clean it up. Now it has been
cleaned up, and I would like to invite you to use it!

Dispatch is a task automation platform for rigging up bits of
within itself and with the outside world. It's designed to be generic
and support a wide variety of tasks. In the future, I intend to add
tasks like:

- Running jobs for patches sent to
- Synchronizing git repos with external mirrors
- Bidirectionally synchronizing tickets from external services (e.g.
  Jira, GitHub, etc) with
- Linking references to tickets in commits on
- Running manifests on a cron

Today, only the following tasks are available:

- GitHub pull request -> job
- GitHub commit -> job

We've been using this to run CI for sway[0] and wlroots[1] for some time
now, and various other projects have been test driving it as well.


Please let me know what you think, and send along ideas for new tasks!
The code is also pretty extensible if you're interested in building new
tasks yourself:


Drew DeVault