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Sorry for posting the monthly update a day late - yesterday ended up
being a much bigger day than I had expected! As you likely know, sr.ht
was opened to public registration yesterday, and at the time of writing,
there are 3,780 of us! You presumably heard about this from the email I
sent around this morning. For this email, let's stick to the standard
what's cooking formula and go through what's new in sr.ht this month.


A billing system has been implemented for meta.sr.ht. Big thanks to the
EU helpers in #sr.ht on Freenode for providing feedback on the invoicing
mechanism so that VAT users are taken care of. I may have to make more
VAT-related changes in the future, we'll see. Payment is optional during
the alpha, but for those of you who want to support the site, you can
upgrade your account to a paid plan here:


Thanks to the many of you who already have :)


Cool news on this front: the initial proof-of-concept for multi-arch
support is working! I've been running some QA builds recently on Debian
on aarch64. I also got in touch with the SiFive folks, who confirmed
that my RISC-V hardware is ready to go and will be shipped next week,
and after hearing about sr.ht they started talking about sending me more
hardware to run your builds on :)

I'm planning on improving the base image set in the next week or two.
Right now some of the Debian images are broken, which I need to fix, and
beyond that I want to add Fedora, Ubuntu, NixOS, OpenBSD, and NetBSD, at
least. I also want to flesh out multi-arch support, and expand the
selection of architectures to include most supported Debian and Alpine
Linux architectures.

If you want to try out the experimental multi-arch support and are
prepared for it to fall flat on its face, try submitting a build
manifest like this:

image: debian/stretch
arch: arm64


The Alpine Linux packages for git.sr.ht are finally done, and
accordingly git.sr.ht has been migrated to a beefier Alpine Linux box on
the new infrastructure. After builds.sr.ht, git.sr.ht is the most
resource-intensive sr.ht service. Sorry about the outages yesterday! It
should hold up great for a while now.


Some minor tweaks landed, adding a more detailed history of the ticket
to the ticket detail page. The new ticket resolution NOT_OUR_BUG was
added as well. Shoutout to Ivan Habunek, who's been helping out with a
lot of great patches for todo.sr.ht lately.


As you heard from the announcement two weeks ago, dispatch.sr.ht has
been polished and is available for general use, though it's still
limited in its scope. Today it can be used to connect GitHub with
builds.sr.ht, and as I flesh out the APIs and webhooks which will drive
the internal interactions of sr.ht, we can expect it to mature and
become a powerful automation tool in the future.