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What a month this has been! In the initial month of public availability,
sr.ht has grown to 5,533 users, and I've found and fixed many bugs and
made a nice list of priorities. With the income from the 518 users who
have chosen to pay for their alpha accounts, the site is turning a
profit and I'm speaking with my employer about taking 4 day weeks to
dedicate more of my time to sr.ht and open source as a whole. Thank you
all for your support during the alpha!


I've spun up two new builds.sr.ht build hosts, and a third is on the
way. The most interesting news, however, is the arrival of my HiFive
Unleashed[0], which is a RISC-V board capable of booting Linux. I still
have a lot of work to do before it's available, but I intend to use this
to make native riscv64 builds available to RISC-V users as part of the
broader mutliarch goals. To that end I'm working on porting Alpine Linux
to riscv64, and it's going quite well - check out the summary I'll be
sending to alpine-devel later today.

I'll be prioritizing the addition of the following build images in the
coming weeks:

- Fedora
- NetBSD
- NixOS
- OpenBSD
- Ubuntu

I also intend to add support for the recent FreeBSD 12 release. The
NixOS image was contributed by Francesco Gazzetta - I just have to do
some minor tweaks and deploy it. I also hope to make more progress on
multiarch, but I can't promise it'll be done before the next update.


Ivan Habunek sent along some patches which add RSS feeds to each
repository's logs and refs a few weeks ago - thanks! Ivan also added a
new contributors tab to each repo, summarizing who was involved in your
projects over the last 52 weeks. I also added support for `go get`-ing
git.sr.ht repositories, and I have some plans for making this more
general so that other languages and code forges benefit from this.

I have some plans to experiment with GTAGS integration on git.sr.ht
soon, which will allow for deep linking in your projects (for example,
the ability to click a function call and go to its definition). GTAGS
has support for a huge variety of programming languages and I think the
integration is going to work pretty well.


Ivan has also been working on todo.sr.ht, adding support for assigning
users to tickets and improving performance, along with some nice
refactoring work. I also did some work to improve tracker settings,
splitting it into tabs similar to git.sr.ht and adding the ability to
delete trackers (all of you folks who emailed me because you made test
trackers to mess around with and couldn't delete them - now's your


The last few pieces of the billing system are complete: PDF invoices are
now available for download at meta.sr.ht/billing, and recurring payments
are wired up.

    sr.ht docs

I've overhauled the landing page at man.sr.ht to make it easier to find
what you're looking for, and to give all of these new users a better
shot at grokking everything sooner. I've also started a tutorials
page[0], and I'll be writing more of these in the near future.

[0] https://man.sr.ht/tutorials/

    general news

The port to Alpine Linux continues to go well, and we're now running
git.sr.ht, meta.sr.ht, todo.sr.ht, and all of the builds.sr.ht runners
on Alpine. They're also all running on the new infrastructure, and I
hope to complete the migration away from the legacy infrastructure this
month (which will also necessitate the completion of the Alpine port).

In light of some of the outages (cased by a failed RAID, no data was
lost), I'm working on a few things to improve reliability. One is the
addition of an out-of-band status page:


This should allow better communication during outages. Real-time
information is, as always, still available in #sr.ht on
irc.freenode.net. I've also laid out a plan for setting up highly
available services - *.sr.ht was designed from the start to scale
horizontally, but I still need to set up the actual load balancing and
do HA for PostgreSQL and Redis. I'm also provisioning off-site backups
(I was already taking backups, but they just went a few centimeters down
the rack).

I'm also continuing the work to add monitoring and instrumentation to
everything. The latest addition to this group is meta.sr.ht, and soon
I hope to have generic application-level instrumentation added to all
sr.ht services.

Drew DeVault