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Hiya! Sorry I'm a day late posting this, but it's been a very busy week.
I have some exciting news to share: I'll be working on open source, and
in particular sr.ht, full time! I owe a great deal of thanks to the
community here, particularly those of you who chose to buy a
subscription during the alpha, for making this possible. Thank you!

I wrote up a longer blog post going into detail about my plans to work
full-time on FOSS:


Please read it if you'd like to know more. I'm depending on your
continued support, and I hope that we can build a great community
together for the benefit of the entire FOSS ecosystem. For the rest of
this update I'll stick to your usual sr.ht development updates.

P.S: I'll be at FOSDEM this year, come say hello if you want a sticker!
Ping me in #sr.ht on irc.freenode.net if you want to meet up.

    general news

Nearly one thousand new users joined us this month! The grand total is
now 6,427. Please welcome all of our new users to the platform.

Most of the work this month was behind the scenes. I set up a new
off-site backup box and also set it up as a PostreSQL failover, the
first of several steps towards making sr.ht highly available. I also
wrote about this on my blog if you're curious:


I also spent a considerable amount of time refactoring the way
authentication works throughout the service and preparing to add APIs
and webhooks everywhere. This unblocks a lot of important workstreams,
and you can expect to see it taking shape over the course of the next

Work on porting sr.ht to Alpine Linux continues, with man.sr.ht being
the latest convert. The only holdouts now are builds.sr.ht and
dispatch.sr.ht, which I hope to wrap up soon.


Last month, I said I planned on adding the following build images:

- Fedora
- NetBSD
- NixOS
- OpenBSD
- Ubuntu

...and 3 out of 5 isn't so bad! Ubuntu, Fedora, and NixOS are now
available on builds.sr.ht. I still want to address *BSD soon, but they
have special requirements and require more thought to build maintainable
images. Thanks again to Francesco Gazzetta for providing the NixOS

I also put together a page on man.sr.ht listing the supported build
images, their versions, image-specific details, and so on:



Yes, you read that correctly! sr.ht contributor Ludovic Chabant has been
hard at work on generalizing large swaths of git.sr.ht to support
arbitrary version control backends, and building out hg.sr.ht with it. I
intend to integrate his work in the coming weeks and deploy it for your
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