What's cooking on Sourcehut? March 2019

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Hi folks! Thank you for your continued support of sourcehut during the
alpha, and especially thanks to you in particular for subscribing to the
announcements. I always enjoy watching the mailer logs scroll by when I
send one of these out - it's nice to know so many people care about the
project enough to sign up for my spam :)

Sourcehut grew by a more modest (but respectable) amount of users this
month, and we now number 8,011 - 413 new users this month. I've been
slacking off a bit on marketing so the slowed growth isn't too
surprising. To all of our new users: welcome!

I'm curious to learn more about what you folks think of Sourcehut. Send
me an email if you like, and tell me about the cool projects you're
working on with sr.ht. Feel free to post about your projects on the
sr.ht-discuss list, too!

	general news

I've finished most of the prelimiary work for APIs & webhooks, and have
started implementing them in various sr.ht services, which you'll read
about in the rest of the email. The core API design document lives here:


Additionally, I've started work on a Go wrapper for the *.sr.ht API, and
along with it a command-line tool for accessing the API, which is
available here:


Patches & feedback both welcome.

The promised new build hardware has been installed, and lifted most of
the load from the other servers. The port to Alpine Linux has also been
completed, and the legacy hardware has been decomissioned.

As the quarter comes to a close soon, you can expect a financial report
to be posted with the next update. I intend to be transparent with
sourcehut's finances. If you have any relevant questions, please don't
hesitate to ask.


I'm happy to announce the general availability of sr.ht's new paste
hosting service this month: paste.sr.ht.


Please try it and share your feedback. Additionally, paste.sr.ht was the
first sr.ht project to receive an API based on the finalized API design



Ludovic has continued to work hard on hg.sr.ht improvements, and I
expect to remove the "experimental" status as soon as I set up backups
later today. As of yesterday, hg.sr.ht is self-hosted, and the canonical
repostiroy now lives here:


This is possible after Ludovic pulled the git.sr.ht build submission
code into scm.sr.ht and rigged it up for hg.sr.ht as well, enabling
hg.sr.ht repos to trigger builds.sr.ht jobs on push. We've also been
talking with NetBSD, who has expressed some interest in sr.ht per their
CVS->Hg migration plans, and updating hg.sr.ht to have the performance
necessary to work with their large repositories. To this end, we're
hoping to ship clonebundles support soon. Thanks for your help, Ludovic!


lists.sr.ht has also received a new API:


I'm going to use the webhooks here soon to complete the new git
send-email tutorial website, which will feature a mailing list you can
post test emails to and a bot which gives you feedback on them. Simon
Ser has also implemented DKIM validation in the UI, so you can check the
DKIM status of your emails under the "Details" view. Soon this will be
extended to validating PGP signatures as well.

Also, I've done the initial pass on support for mirrored mailing lists.
This isn't quite ready for public use yet (external lists running GNU
mailman have issues, which is an important problem to fix first), but
you can check out how it works with my mirror of Alpine Linux's aports



Ivan Habunek sent along several patches implementing support for user
and ticket mentions, and I spent some time improving the UI for ticket
events accordingly. You can now mention a user to summon them to a
thread and link tickets together by mentioning one in the other.
Documentation is available here:


Liam Cottam also improved the search capabilities, adding support
for filtering by ticktets with no assignees or tickets with no labels.
Thanks guys!


Build tasks are now allocated a psuedo-terminal and the job page
supports rendering ANSI escape codes and links. Here's an example of how
that looks, courtesey of the user who asked for the feature:



The meta.sr.ht API was implemented early because we needed it for other
sr.ht services to learn information to learn about user accounts.
However, due to the lack of thought which went into the API design, it
was always considered unsupported and undocumented. With the
finalization of the API design documents, the meta.sr.ht API has been
normalized to obey the API conventions and is now documented and
available for public use:


Also, for those of you running your own sr.ht instances, admins now have
access to a "user admin" tab on meta.sr.ht, which lists all registered
accounts and gives you some tools for dealing with account issues as
they come up.