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What's cooking on Sourcehut? April 2019

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Hiya! Another month goes by and loads of improvements continue to be
made to Sourcehut. Today we have 8,320 users. To our 309 new users:
welcome to Sourcehut!


The first news item is that hg.sr.ht is now considered production-ready,
and equivalent in capability to our git offerings. Big thanks to Ludovic
Chabant for his hard work on hg.sr.ht! For the full announcement, see my


To get started, check out the tutorial:



Lots of new development on lists.sr.ht this month. I've been working
with Alpine Linux on a project to migrate their existing mail stack
towards their own lists.sr.ht installation. As part of this, several new
features are available both to hosted users and admins running their own
instance, including:

- Importing and exporting mail spools from your list
- Improved tools for moderators
- Per-user & per-email access control lists
- Configuring the acceptable mimetypes for your list
- Support for a greater variety of MTA configurations
- Email redirects from your old posting addresses to lists.sr.ht-style


Alpine 3.9 and Fedora 30 images are now available. FreeBSD performance
has also seen improvements on our new AMD-based build box.

git.sr.ht and hg.sr.ht have also seen improvements to their build
submission processes, notably leading to support for private repos
without hacks - a problem which has plagued many users for some time.
Here's the docs for that:



man.sr.ht now supports YAML frontmatter on your articles, which allows
you to explicitly set the title of each of your pages. Here are the



Builds submitted via GitHub now include several environment variables
with information about the build being run:


Thanks to Andrew Kelly of the Zig project for the suggestion.


There have been some minor improvements to the user management tools for
site admins, allowing you to change user types and fixing the bug with
managing a user's TOTP settings.