Upcoming changes to man.sr.ht require manual intervention

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Hello! Next week I'm planning on shipping some changes to man.sr.ht that
were built by Ryan Chan over the past few weeks. The crux of these
changes is that man.sr.ht's magic git repos are going to be migrated to
first-class git.sr.ht repos, from which man.sr.ht will render its
content. Among other things, this will allow you to:

- Browse the tree and commits of your wikis as git repos
- Take advantage of git.sr.ht ACLs to collaborate on wikis
- Make a man.sr.ht wiki use a branch of one your project's man git repo

In order to complete the migration, the following steps are planned:

1. If your man.sr.ht wiki's name matches the name of a git repo, your
   wiki will be moved to a "wiki" branch in that repo. If such a branch
   already exists, wiki-1 will be used, and so on.
2. If no corresponding git.sr.ht repo can be found, a new repo will be
   created and your wiki moved to that wiki's master branch. In this
   case the repo will be "unlisted" by default.

Any branches other than master in your current wiki repositories will be
lost, and the push URLs will change.

The migration is planned for Wednesday, August 7th at 0100 UTC.

If you have any questions, or if your wiki has special requirements,
please reply to this email. Thanks!
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This migration has been completed. If you encounter any issues with your
wikis, please let me know.