What's cooking on Sourcehut? January 2020

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Welcome to 2020! We kick off our first status update of the year with a
community 12,314 users strong, up 387 from our last update of 2019. A
warm welcome to all of our new members, and a big thanks to everyone for
continuing to use and support SourceHut. This month was heavy on
operations work, so this update is light on new features - but we're
turning our attention back to feature development in the coming weeks.

## General News

We're going to FOSDEM[0] again this year! We'll be in the J.1.106 room
on February 1st at 12:00 PM. Come join us, we'll be giving away
stickers, answering questions, and showing off some of our upcoming

[0]: https://fosdem.org/2020/schedule/event/bof_sourcehut/

Last week, I finished overhauling our monitoring & alarming
infrastructure, and the new setup is available to the public[1] for
inspection. I'm also working on opening up more ops work to improve
transparency in this respect: the #sr.ht.ops channel on Freenode is now
open to the public, and I've also established the public sr.ht-ops
mailing list[2]. I've updated our alarms to send notifications to
#sr.ht.ops and to the sr.ht-ops mailing list, and directed some of our
cronjobs to the public mailing list as well, so you can keep abreast of
things like backup integrity and get greater insights into outages and
load. Our alertmanager rules[3] are also public, and you can drop these
into your own infrastructure to add similar monitoring to your
third-party instance.

[1]: https://metrics.sr.ht
[2]: https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht-ops
[3]: https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/metrics.sr.ht

Work is ongoing to add more instrumentation throughout SourceHut, stay
tuned. As part of this work, we also upstreamed several
monitoring-related packages to Alpine Linux, and upgraded all of our
machines to Alpine 3.11 (and Python 3.8).

## git.sr.ht

We *finally* were able to source the remaining parts for the new server
hardware we needed to completely resolve the performance issues you were
likely experiencing with git.sr.ht. The new server is blazing fast!
Thanks for your patience, I know it was frustrating before. It should be
plenty fast now. Aside from some minor bugfixes and upgrades to support
pygit2 1.x and Alpine 3.11, there's not much else to discuss for
git.sr.ht. Some of these improvements have been making their way into
hg.sr.ht, so expect performance to gradually improve there as well.

## todo.sr.ht

Some great news here: you can now re-import the tracker exports which
were implemented last month, to recreate deleted trackers, migrate
trackers between accounts, or even between SourceHut instances. This
month I'm focusing on accomplishing our data ownership goals, so you
should see improvements like this throughout the services in the coming
weeks. Ivan Habunek also implemented some nice changes, notably adding
rendered markdown previews for comments.

## builds.sr.ht

The alpine/3.11 image is now available, and alpine/latest now refers to
it. alpine/edge has been updated to use the linux-lts kernel from edge.
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