What's cooking on SourceHut? May 2020

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Greetings! Another month of alpha development progresses and brings us
that much closer to the SourceHut beta. We reached a few important
milestones this month!  Today we are 14,763 users strong, with 1,104 new
users joining us this month.  Please give them a warm welcome!

## General news

Quick thanks to Eli Schwartz for patches across the board which simplify
the installation process and improve support for a broader variety of
distributions.  Thanks also to Daniel Gröber and Thorben Günther for
additional improvements in the installation process and self-hosted
SourceHut experience.

## hub.sr.ht

As you likely are already aware, the SourceHut project hub was opened
this month. Since its opening, users have added 215 of their projects to
the public index[0]. If you want to add your project, create a
project[1] and complete the new project checklist to be added to the
index. And, be sure to check out (and contribute to!) the cool projects
other users have made! If you want to know more about the project hub
and the future plans for it, read up on the original announcement[2].

[0]: https://sr.ht/projects
[1]: https://sr.ht/create
[2]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2020-04-30-the-sourcehut-hub-is-live/

## git.sr.ht

The experimental GraphQL[3] API I've alluded to in previous "what's
cooking" posts is now available for users to play around with. It's
still subject to change, but please take a look and share any feedback
you have. I have deployed the GraphQL Playground at git.sr.ht/graphql[4]
for you to play with.  Unfortunately, this is a big JavaScript SPA,
entirely atypical of the SourceHut web design ethos &mdash; but rest
assured that before the GraphQL workstream is done, this will have been
replaced with an in-house UI which better meets your expectations.

[3]: https://graphql.org
[4]: https://git.sr.ht/graphql

The other major improvements I have planned for GraphQL include an
overhaul to authentication, and a gateway through which all sr.ht APIs
can queried through a single GraphQL request. On the whole I'm pretty
satisfied with the implementation, and I'm optimistic that it will
provide a much better foundation for the API going forward into the
beta. It should open the doors to a lot of interesting future features
as well. I will be doing a write-up on GraphQL for the sourcehut.org
blog in the foreseeable future, so keep your eyes peeled for that if
you're curious to learn more.

## builds.sr.ht

The 9front distribution of Plan 9 is now available for user builds. This
is an unusual build target; check out the release announcement[5] to
learn how it works. Other build image updates:

[5]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2020-05-11-sourcehut-plus-plan-9/

- nixos/20.03 has been added and nixos/stable has been updated to it;
  nixos/19.03 has been removed
- ubuntu/lts now refers to Ubuntu Focal
- dockerd now starts up correctly in Alpine Linux and Debian guests;
  Alpine is now the recommended guest for builds utilizing Docker

Thanks to Francesco Gazzetta, Denis Laxalde, and Ace Eldeib for their
patches this month.

## hg.sr.ht

Ludovic Chabant has been hard at work on bugfixes and performance
improvements for hg.sr.ht. The changes are subtle, but users should
notice faster pushes at least.
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Correction: the URL for new projects is:

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