What's cooking on Sourcehut? June 2020

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Hello! With May behind us and July looming, we have another month of
progress on the alpha in our cap. Today we're joined by 695 new users,
bringing our total strength to 15,458 brave hackers. Give our new peers
a warm welcome, please!

## General news

Please be advised that today, June 15th, starting at 18:00 UTC, we have
a planned outage. Services are expected to be intermittently available
for a period of up to an hour. Each outage is expected to be limited to
one service at a time, and should last no more than 15 to 30 minutes
each. Consult the status page[0] for more information.

[0]: https://status.sr.ht/issues/2020-06-15-planned-outage/

I'd also like to thank Eli Schwartz once again, for stepping up as the
new official maintainer of the SourceHut Arch Linux package
distribution. He will be handling the maintenance of the Arch Linux
repository going forward; please direct your inquiries and patches to
him. Thanks Eli!

## meta.sr.ht

A new GraphQL API for meta.sr.ht is now available. Play with it here![0]
As promised in the last update, the GraphQL playground is now
JavaScript-free. I am also working on an improved means of API
authentication, with finer-grained access controls and more
compatibility with industry standards like OAuth2.

If you're curious to learn more about the application of GraphQL to
SourceHut, I wrote a blog post[1] on the subject last week.

[0]: https://meta.sr.ht/graphql
[1]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2020-06-10-how-graphql-will-shape-the-alpha/

## builds.sr.ht

The manifest submission page has replaced ace.js with CodeMirror for the
JavaScript-enabled build manifest editor. This should work better on
mobile devices and feels a bit more native to use (because it is a bit
more native). As before, users with JavaScript disabled will still be
able to use a plain textarea to submit build manifests.

- alpine/3.12 is now available
- openbsd/6.7 is now available
- openbsd/6.5 has been removed

## dispatch.sr.ht

Builds submitted for GitHub pull requests now include the
GITHUB_PR_BODY in the environment, thanks to Paul Spooren's patches
for OpenWRT. Thanks Paul!

## todo.sr.ht

Ivan Habunek has implemented support for previewing the rendered
Markdown for ticket descriptions and comments, and it was further
refined by René Wagner. Gabriel Augendre also rigged it up so that
you're copied on tickets submitted by email, so you get the ticket
number that was assigned sent back to you, and Benjamin Lowry submitted
several bug fixes. Thanks, everyone!

## git.sr.ht

The GraphQL API has grown support tag artifacts, and learned many bug
fixes.  Thanks for helping to test this!
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