What's cooking on Sourcehut? September 2020

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SourceHut development continues its constant march through the alpha
this month, and I'm here to tell you all about it. Our users now number
17,194, thanks to 511 new members joining us since the last update. To
our new users: welcome! And to our older members: thanks for being here!
I hope everyone new finds a warm welcome in the rest of the community.

Earlier this month, I held a public meeting to discuss the plans for the
beta, and we felt that it was a pretty good way to connect with the
community. Going forward, the day following each status update (so,
tomorrow), I'm going to hold a public meeting where you're welcome to
join up and ask any questions or provide any feedback. In turn, I'll
have questions of my own for the community, and will be looking forward
to hearing your thoughts.

The next meeting will be held tomorrow, September 16th, at 15:00 UTC, on
Mumble.  We'll be meeting in the SourceHut room on the voice.mnus.de
server, on port 64738. Please join us!

And following that earlier meeting, I'd like to share with you the
thoughts on the beta progress. The path towards completing the alpha is
quite clear now, and as such, I've updated all of the bug trackers[0]
to include a "beta" label, and marked all of the tickets which block the
completion of the alpha as such.  The big-ticket blockers are:

[0]: https://todo.sr.ht/trackers/~sircmpwn?search=sr.ht

- Finalize pricing (a survey will be sent out - can you recommend some
  software for this?) and billing system overhaul
- GraphQL APIs
- Work distribution overhaul for builds.sr.ht
- Web-based code review for lists.sr.ht
- More hub.sr.ht cross-service integrations

Next month marks the end of the second year of the beta, and I'll
prepare an extended status update which goes into detail on what remains
and how we're going to complete the beta.

## General improvements

Headers in Markdown across sourcehut now include a link to that header
which appears on hover, which should be useful for linking to a specific
header anywhere on the services. Thanks to gildarts for adding that!

Admins of third-party instances will also be pleased at some recent
improvements, including better exception emails and user administration
screens, as well as fixes for long put-off exceptions in various edge
cases throughout and improvements to the soundness of the database

## Project hub

Project #tags are now supported on the project hub, with the goal of
making it easier to discover projects and for communities to establish
themselves around a topic. This was only added a few days ago, so most
projects don't have tags yet &mdash; please take a moment to add some
for your projects if you can! Thanks to наб again for implementing this

## meta.sr.ht

meta.sr.ht is the primary focus for the GraphQL expansion, and work is
underway adding a new OAuth 2.0-compliant authorization process and
introducing writable GraphQL API access. See the writable-api branch if
you're curious.

Some user-facing improvements have also been made this month, such as
support for TOTP recovery codes. Disable and re-enable TOTP on your
account to generate these. Additionally, I've added security emails
which are sent to you whenever anything security-relevant occurs on your
account, such as a password change or new SSH key.

наб also added a feature which allows new users to enter their PGP key
during the registration process, so that the registration email is
encrypted when sent.  This makes it possible to never receive any
unencrypted emails from sr.ht.

## git.sr.ht

наб has introduced many improvements to git.sr.ht this month, including
a blame view, path-specific logs, and two features for push options:
updating the repo description or visibility, and submitting arbitrary
build manifests other than `.build.yml` or `.builds/*.yml`. Docs
here[1]. Thanks наб!

[1]: https://man.sr.ht/git.sr.ht/#push-options

## todo.sr.ht

You can now edit comments on tickets.

## man.sr.ht

Adding a sorely overdue feature, gildarts implemented a user index page
for man.sr.ht, where you can list the wikis on your account. Thanks
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