What's cooking on Sourcehut? October 2020

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Once again we meet to discuss the status of the ongoing SourceHut alpha,
which has made progress by leaps and bounds this month. We're joined by
521 new users this month, bringing our total up to 17,715. As always,
please welcome them warmly and show our new friends the ropes.

Tomorrow, we'll be holding the second public Mumble conference, where
you're welcome to join us to ask questions, share feedback, or just to
listen in. We'll be meeting tomorrow, October 16th, at 16:00 UTC, in the
SourceHut room on voice.mnus.de, port 64738. I'll see (or hear) you

I mentioned last month that today would mark the second year of the
sr.ht alpha — my mistake! It's actually next month. I'll put together a
more detailed status update then which summarizes our progress this year
and outlines the plans for next year. I should also have the Q3
financial report done by then.

## General improvements

A few weeks ago I wrote a detailed log[0] going over the progress and
planning for the API 2.0 efforts. OAuth 2.0 support has been completed,
and most of the new database abstractions are done. Since that post,
I've also completed the work on asyncronous task management, and based
on that also the necessary bits for legacy webhook delivery. This is the
last blocker which prevents shipping the writable API into production
even in an early form, as it would have caused inconsistency between
services without.  Accordingly, I expect to ship an early version of the
writable meta.sr.ht GraphQL API into production in the next few weeks.

[0]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2020-09-25-api-2-updates/

We've built a new ops tool this month called chartsrv[1], which
generates SVG plots from Prometheus data.

[1]: https://sr.ht/~sircmpwn/chartsrv

Thanks are also due to gildarts and Ignas Kiela this month, for their
work adding links to Markdown headings throughout SourceHut, to allow
users to easily obtain a link to a specific heading. Thanks folks!

## builds.sr.ht

Debian users should be advised that an update to the Debian riggings is
going to affect how packages are installed in a way which may break your
builds. An email was sent to all users who have submitted Debian builds
in the last 30 days with details, and another email will be sent out
before the change is deployed, 15 days from now.

Thorben Günther has also improved the Arch Linux images to make them
faster and more reliable. Thanks!

## todo.sr.ht

наб added a user preference to todo.sr.ht this month which allows users
to choose to have email notifications sent to them for their own
activity on todo.sr.ht. Thanks наб! I have also fixed a minor issue with
tracker import/export which may have affected users with older bug

## meta.sr.ht

Thanks to Timothée Floure's work, meta.sr.ht now includes an LDAP
authentication backend, which third-party installations of sr.ht may
find useful for integrating with their existing authentication system.
Thanks Timothée!

## git.sr.ht

Thanks due to наб and Thorben Günther for small patches this month,
respectively for improving symlinks and observability, and for fixing an
issue with build submissions.
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