What's cooking on Sourcehut? February 2021

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Greetings! I’m happy to share that our community has surpassed 20,000
users this month. 708 new faces have joined our ranks, bringing the
total to 20,355. We’ve become a pretty big community! Please be friendly
and patient with them as they learn the ropes. This month’s “what’s
cooking” is somewhat deficit in interesting user-facing developments,
but I will dutifully report our progress nonetheless.

Our next public Mumble conference will be held at 16:00 UTC, on
voice.mnus.de, port 64738, in the sourcehut room. Feel free to join us
to share your thoughts and ask your questions. I’ll see you^W^W hear you

# General news

We’ve upgraded (most of) our infrastructure to Alpine Linux 3.13, and
made sr.ht packages available to any admins who are running third-party
instances. A quick reminder that any such admins should be subscribed to
the sr.ht-admins mailing list to receive this and other important
announcements that affect your instance.

We will have to schedule a second round of upgrades for our hardware
hosts sometime in the next few weeks. It’ll be announced in advance on
sr.ht-announce and on status.sr.ht when the time comes.

# todo.sr.ht

Most of our progress this month is in the new todo.sr.ht GraphQL API,
which is going well. I hope to ship an initial read-only version to
production before the next status update.

# builds.sr.ht

Not technically an update for builds.sr.ht, but rather for the software
which submits build manifests: we’ve started developing some standard
environment variables which are set by git.sr.ht, hub.sr.ht, and so on,
when submitting builds. You can use these to programmatically find out
why your build was submitted, and access other context-specific details.
Check out the docs here:

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Clarification: the mumble meeting will be held tomorrow (the 16th) at
16:00 UTC.
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