What's cooking on SourceHut? May 2021

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Running a day late on this one — was travelling all day yesterday. We’ll
also be moving the Mumble meeting to tomorrow, May 17th, this month.
Thanks for your patience! Today, SourceHut has 22,588 users, 698 more
since the last status update. Please offer our new colleagues a warm
welcome, and be patient with them as they learn how to use the software.

The monthly Mumble meeting, one day later than usual, will take place at
16:00 UTC on May 17th, in the SourceHut room on voice.mnus.de, port

# builds.sr.ht

In addition to the recent billing changes[0], builds.sr.ht saw the
initial release of its GraphQL API[1] this month! The current version is
read-only, but I expect to ship the read/write API within the next few
days — it’s just finishing up the code review process now. You can take
the builds.sr.ht GraphQL API for a test drive on the GraphQL

[0]: https://man.sr.ht/ops/builds.sr.ht-migration.md
[1]: https://man.sr.ht/builds.sr.ht/graphql.md
[2]: https://builds.sr.ht/graphql

# GraphQL update

Today, we have the following GraphQL APIs working in production:

meta.sr.ht	✓ read ✓ write
git.sr.ht	✓ read ✓ write
hg.sr.ht	✗ read ✗ write
todo.sr.ht	✓ read ✗ write
builds.sr.ht	✓ read ✗ write (soon)
lists.sr.ht	✗ read ✗ write
hub.sr.ht	✗ read ✗ write
dispatch.sr.ht	✗ read ✗ write
paste.sr.ht	✗ read ✗ write
pages.sr.ht	✓ read ✓ write

The next service to receive its GraphQL API will be lists.sr.ht. Ludovic
has also been working on an hg.sr.ht GraphQL API, which I’ll be helping
out with soon. The project hub and write support for todo will be the
last major projects for the GraphQL effort. After these, the remaining
services — paste and dispatch — will be pretty straightforward.

Following the completion of the initial APIs work, the plan is to design
and implement a few other features which will be shared between all of
these services, most notably GraphQL-native webhooks.

I appreciate your patience while this work is ongoing. I know that there
has not been much work in the realm of user-facing features over the
past several months while we’ve been focusing on getting this done. This
work, when completed, will unblock a lot of the workstreams you’ve been
waiting for — organizations, improvements to the project hub and service
interconnectivity, better ACLs, and so on. The GraphQL services are much
more robust and sustainable for sr.ht, and will provide a necessary
foundation for future features like these. It’s not flashy, but paying
down our tech debt is a necessary pain before we can start the beta.
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