What's cooking on Sourcehut? July 2021

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Hallo uit Nederland! Today’s “What’s cooking” is brought to you from
Amsterdam, where I moved to at the start of the week. Due to this, I
have had less time available for work, but there has been some new
progress regardless. User signups haven’t slowed, for one: we now have
23,670 users, some 442 greater than June. Please show them your
hospitality and help them learn about sourcehut!

The usual Mumble meeting for this month is, sadly, cancelled. I do not
have the necessary equipment to participate yet. I’ll see you for the
August meeting instead.

The only substantial improvement this month has been in lists.sr.ht,
though it is not yet visible: the GraphQL API. I had hoped to ship it
earlier, but it will be delayed for perhaps another week or two due to
issues moving abroad. Progress has been significant in any case, and it
is almost complete.

Outside of this, various small bug fixes and maintenance work has landed
throughout the services. Once I’m settled into my new home, I expect
progress to resume at a normal pace.
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