What's cooking on Sourcehut? August 2021

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Hello again! Today we’re joined by 434 fresh faces, bringing us to a
total of 24,104 users. As always, I’m relying on you to give a warm
welcome to our new colleagues and to exercise patience as they learn the

This month’s Mumble meeting will take place on the normal date tomorrow,
August 16th, at 10:00 UTC. We’ll be on voice.mnus.de, port 64738, in the
sourcehut room.

After another month of development, how much closer are we to beta?

## Operations

sr.ht for Alpine 3.14 is now available[0]. Thank you for bearing with us
during our planned maintenance window. I’ll ask for your patience again
tomorrow, as we have a second maintenance window scheduled[1] to finish
our 3.14 rollout.

[0]: https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht-admins/%3CCD9T5BZ8RR79.12IPQT8UKJZOC%40taiga%3E
[1]: https://status.sr.ht/issues/2021-08-16-planned-outage/

## GraphQL

The current major milestone for the beta is the development and rollout
of our GraphQL APIs, which form a more robust foundation for us to build

This month, we shipped a read-only version of the lists.sr.ht GraphQL
API. You can check it out here:

GraphQL Playground


The latest GQL rollout progress is now:

    ✓ read ✓ write
    ✓ read ✓ write
    ✗ read ✗ write
    ✓ read ✗ write
    ✓ read ✓ write
    ✓ read ✗ write
    ✗ read ✗ write
    ✗ read ✗ write
    ✗ read ✗ write
    ✓ read ✓ write

I have been prototyping GraphQL-native webhooks, which is the only
outstanding major design concern for the GraphQL rollout. I expect to
roll these out for meta.sr.ht in the next month. I will also start
turning another one of these ✗ into ✓, but I’m not sure which yet.

Ludovic Chabant has also prepared a prototype for a read-only hg.sr.ht
GraphQL API, which I will find some time to review this month.

## builds.sr.ht

The following image updates have been shipped:

- Ubuntu Impish and Hirsute are now available
- Ubuntu Groovy was removed following its upstream deprecation

It is also expected that Rocky Linux will soon be available thanks to
the efforts of Haowen Liu and Timothée Floure.

## Miscellaneous

Thanks are due to several community members for their contributions this
month. Sol Fischer Romanoff did the long-stale job of auditing and
unifying the naming conventions for resources like git repos or bug
trackers across all services, along with some unrelated minor
improvements. Thanks also to Nguyễn Gia Phong, LordNature, and Juan
Picca for their various contributions.
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