What's cooking on SourceHut? September 2021

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Another month passes us by, recording further progress on the road to
the sr.ht beta. Joining us on this journey are another 448 new souls,
bringing our total number to 24,552. As always, I’m depending on you to
show them kindness and patience as they learn how to use SourceHut.

This month’s Mumble meeting will take place on the tomorrow, September
16th, at 10:00 UTC. We’ll be on voice.mnus.de, port 64738, in the
sourcehut room.

# General news

SourceHut put out a job posting[0] (now closed) a few weeks ago, and we
have received many excellent applications. We are planning on making an
offer to one of these candidates, and the details will be announced in
the next status update. We have also spoken with NLnet[1], who may be
interested in funding some additional contributors to work on SourceHut.
Exciting stuff!

[0]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2021-08-23-work-at-sourcehut
[1]: https://nlnet.nl

Also, as of this month, SourceHut is a bronze sponsor of the
OpenStreetMap Foundation[1]. We are proud to support a critical resource
for free software and open data.

[2]: https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Corporate_Members#Bronze_Corporate_Members

# GraphQL

Following the deployment of the first implementation of GraphQL-native
webhooks for meta.sr.ht[3], our GraphQL completion chart has a new column:

    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks
    ✗ read ✗ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✗ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks
    ✗ read ✗ write ✗ webhooks
    ✗ read ✗ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks

[3]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2021-08-25-graphql-native-webhooks/

Additionally, we deployed write support for lists.sr.ht this week. You
can find the updated schema here:


I have written up a draft for the paste.sr.ht GraphQL API design
here[4], which I intend to flesh out with an implemenation in the coming
weeks (and also add GQL webhooks — it’s simple enough that we should be
able to ship a complete GQL implementation in the first iteration).
Ludovic and co. have also been hard at work on the first round of
GraphQL support for hg.sr.ht, which is likely to ship in the foreseeable
future.  Following these, I would like to either implement a read-only
hub.sr.ht GQL API, or add write support to todo.sr.ht, either of which
is a considerable effort in their own right.

[4]: https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/paste.sr.ht/tree/api/item/api/graph/schema.graphqls

# todo.sr.ht

Thanks to Ivan Habunek’s work, you can now specify the sort order of
results on todo.sr.ht searches. Thanks Ivan!

# builds.sr.ht

Image updates:

- Rocky Linux is now available (thanks Haowen Liu!)
- debian/bookworm is now available, and stretch has been removed
- ubuntu/xenial has been removed

Tanguy Fardet also sent in their first patch this month, adding a “go to
top” button on the build logs page. Thanks Tanguy!
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