What's cooking on SourceHut? October 2021

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Welcome back for another month’s status update! As of today, our
community numbers at 25,074 — the first time we’ve had over 25,000 users —
after another 522 users joined our ranks. Please show them the courtesey
and patience you’ve always done as they learn the ropes, and welcome
these new users to our community with open arms.

This month’s Mumble meeting will take place on Monday, October 18th, at
10:00 UTC. We’ll be on voice.mnus.de, port 64738, in the sourcehut room.
See you there!

## chat.sr.ht

The first item on today’s agenda is a tiny preview of a new flagship
SourceHut product: chat.sr.ht. More details will come in a dedicated
announcement in a couple of weeks, but in short, chat.sr.ht is a hosted
IRC bouncer based on soju which will offer all paying SourceHut users a
persistent IRC session, and a webchat based on gamja, which will also
provide a non-persistent session for non-paying and anonymous users.

Short answers:

- We aren’t running an IRC network ourselves. We’re going to encourage
  users to use Libera Chat for their projects, though you can configure
  it to use any network (or networks) you want.
- You can connect to the bouncer directly using your own IRC client, or
  use the webchat at chat.sr.ht.
- irc:// links in your README and throughout SourceHut will be rigged up
  to auto-join your channel in our webchat when clicked.

The service is up and running, but currently set up as a private beta so
that we can get everything tested and validated on a small scale. If you
want to try the private beta, reach out to emersion on libera.chat.

## GraphQL

This month, I implemented both read & write support for paste.sr.ht’s
new GraphQL API, which you can try out here:

paste.sr.ht GraphQL playground: https://paste.sr.ht/graphql
paste.sr.ht GraphQL schema: https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/paste.sr.ht/tree/master/item/api/graph/schema.graphqls

No native webhooks, but that’ll come later. I have also started working
on write support for todo.sr.ht, which is actually quite complex and
challenging — todo.sr.ht is one of the most complex services on
SourceHut. I’m hoping to finish that over the course of the next month,
and hopefully I can tick off another check-mark on the list as well.

    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks
    ✗ read ✗ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✗ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks
    ✗ read ✗ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks

## todo.sr.ht

In addition to the ongoing GraphQL work, todo.sr.ht has received some
major updates with how it handles permissions and access lists. If you
were affected by the change, you should have received an email
explaining how to address it for your trackers. In short, trackers now
have a “visibility” parameter which behaves the same as for git repos
(public, private, or unlisted), and the default permissions have been
consolodated into one field which applies to any users who do not have a
more specific ACL entry. A similar change will soon come for

## git.sr.ht

Eli Schwartz has implemented a novel system based on git notes for
attaching cryptographic signatures to git tags. He’ll be writing a guest
post for this blog sometime soon which goes over this feature in detail.

## builds.sr.ht

Image updates:

- freebsd/11.x has been removed following its upstream deprecation.
- GNU Guix is now available.
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