chat.sr.ht is now available for all paid sourcehut users

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Today we're pleased to announce the general release of sourcehut's
newest flagship service: chat.sr.ht.


chat.sr.ht is a hosted IRC bouncer service, which maintains a persistent
IRC connection for you and extends IRC with useful features like offline
messaging, log persistence, and various other improvements. In addition
to accepting connections from any third-party IRC client, chat.sr.ht
offers a ready-to-use web client.

Check out the blog post for the full details. Head over to chat.sr.ht[0]
to try it in your web browser, or check out the docs[1] for setting it
up with your IRC client of choice.

[0]: https://chat.sr.ht
[1]: https://man.sr.ht/chat.sr.ht/quickstart.md
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