What's cooking on SourceHut? January 2022

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Hello and happy new year! After a bit of well-deserved rest during the
holidays, our staff (and many of our contributors) have spun our work
streams back up and development continues. Our userbase has grown this
month by another 634 users, bringing the total to 26,880. As usual, I’m
depending on you to make our new members feel welcome and to offer them
your patience as they learn how we do things here.

This month’s public Mumble meeting will take place tomorrow, January
18th (later than originally announced), at 10:00 UTC in the usual place,
voice.mnus.de in the sourcehut room. I called for suggestions for an
agenda on sr.ht-discuss — now would be an opportune time to add your own
suggestions if you haven’t already.

## New Staff

I announced last week[0] that, thanks to a generous grant from NLNet,
Adnan Maolood will be joining us for a while this year to help with the
GraphQL implementation. He’s been hard at work on git.sr.ht’s
GraphQL-native webhooks already, and I’m looking forward to having his
help. Welcome! We are also bringing on a new full-time employee (at
SourceHut’s expense) from February 1st, who will be introduced in a
coming blog post.

[0]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2022-01-10-nlnet-graphql-funding/

## hut: A SourceHut CLI tool

Simon Ser has started developing a command line tool called hut for
using the GraphQL API in your terminal or in shell scripts. Check it

[1]: https://sr.ht/~emersion/hut

## todo.sr.ht

I had hoped to ship todo.sr.ht’s GraphQL API this week, but its inherent
complexity combined with time off during the holidays has pushed the
schedule back a bit more once again. All that remains is the completion
of the legacy webhooks for the writable API, plus acceptance testing and
a security review, then we can ship. This should land sometime this
week, if everything goes according to plan.

## git.sr.ht

Adnan has been working on GraphQL-native webhooks for git.sr.ht, which
is going well. This will also hopefully ship before the next “what’s

## lists.sr.ht

A number of long-standing bugs when importing mbox files to populate
mailing lists from an external archive have been addressed thanks to
contributions from Martin Vahlensieck. Thanks Martin! A number of small
fixes and improvements to the GraphQL schema were also introduced this

## meta.sr.ht

Some discrepancies between our OAuth 2.0 implementation and the RFC were
discovered and corrected. Thanks to ~omz13 for the tip!
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