What's cooking on SourceHut? February 2022

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Hello again! Today is a rare sunny and beautiful day in Amsterdam, and I
am spending it inside writing this post with the blinds down, as is
befitting of a proper hacker. I'm pleased to welcome 529 new users to
our service this month, who together bring our community to 27,409
members. I hope our new members are enjoying the service, and that our
existing community does its part to make them feel welcome.

This month's Mumble meeting will not take place, as the call for agenda
items[0] went unanswered. Please add topics to the March agenda[1] if
you wish to address any matters in next month's meeting.

[0]: https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss/%3CCH8QXZ08BYJ3.3H23LG5R594XS%40megumin%3E
[1]: https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss/%3CCHWKTDCPKRAY.WK9EW0VG9AHU%40taiga%3E

## New staff v2

Last month, I introduced Adnan Maolood, who, thanks to a generous
sponsorship from NLNet, will be working with us on GraphQL for a while.
This month, I am pleased to introduce Conrad Hoffmann, who joins us as
the latest full-time free software engineer working on SourceHut. Check
out the blog post[2] to meet him!

[2]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2022-02-02-welcome-conrad/

## todo.sr.ht

After many delays, the todo.sr.ht writable GraphQL API has finally
shipped! Thank you for your patience. The documentation is available
here[3] and you can play with it directly on the todo GraphQL

[3]: https://man.sr.ht/todo.sr.ht/graphql.md
[4]: https://todo.sr.ht/graphql

## git.sr.ht

Adnan's first batch of GraphQL improvements landed yesterday as we
shipped support for GraphQL-native webhooks in git.sr.ht alongside a
number of other improvements. Nice work, Adnan! Adnan will continue with
more GraphQL improvements for other services in the next few weeks.

## pages.sr.ht

One of Conrad's first contributions to SourceHut introduced
Content-Encoding support and compression which, together with
improvements from Umar Getagazov, should make the performance of
SourceHut pages noticably better. Dhruvin Gandhi also added support for
custom 404 pages. Great work, everyone!

## builds.sr.ht

Image updates:

- ubuntu/hiruste has been removed following its upstream deprecation
- Fedora images now include dnf-plugins-core by default

Improvements are also underway for Guix and Plan 9 support. Thanks to
Haowen Liu, Ryan Gonzalez, Dhruvin Gandhi, and Benjamin Riefenstahl for
their work in these areas.

## names.sr.ht

More community members have been expressing interest in working on
names.sr.ht as a grassroots, community-led effort. Conrad has set up a
project[5] to organize these efforts, and I have posted a summary of my
thoughts[6] to offer some direction. Please get involved if this
interests you!

[5]: https://sr.ht/~bitfehler/names.sr.ht/
[6]: https://lists.sr.ht/~bitfehler/names.sr.ht-discuss/%3CCHVUXZKXJJ4C.NB3VSS2CBXE1%40megumin%3E

## Other news

A quick "thanks!" is owed to Ignas Kiela for his continued work on
improving SourceHut's monitoring infrastructure this month. Thanks to
his work on our web services, we have sane data available for response
codes like 500 errors and alarms configured to alert us when they occur
in volume.

Another quick shout-out to the emacs community, who, in the process of
evaluating SourceHut for their needs, sent a dozen or so patches
improving lists.sr.ht, particularly with respect to importing
third-party mbox archives. Many thanks!
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