What's cooking on SourceHut? April 2022

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Hello! Another month of improvements rolls on by, and I'm here to tell
you all about them. In terms of site growth, we saw 510 new users join
us, bringing our total to 28,406. As always, please be patient with our
new peers as you help them learn about the site.

## General news

This month we released our annual financial report[0]. In summary,
SourceHut is financially healthy. Feel free to browse the full report to
get all of the details.

[0]: https://sourcehut.org/blog/2022-04-08-2021-financial-report/

We have been making excellent progress on the GraphQL initiative thanks
to Andnan's help, and I anticipate that we will be able to put a bow on
this sometime in the next couple of months.

## hg.sr.ht

Work is underway on integrating improvements to the hg.sr.ht GraphQL
API. The API is now writable, supporting all essential resource
mutations, and GQL-native webhooks should be landing shortly.

## builds.sr.ht

Setting the oauth keys in your build manifest will now pre-configure
your build environment for use with the hut[1] tool.

[1]: https://sr.ht/~emersion/hut

Image updates:

- Plan 9 support has been fixed and improved thanks to Benjamin
- FreeBSD 12.x has been updated to FreeBSD 12.3
- Alpine 3.11 was removed following its upstream deprecation

## lists.sr.ht

We have integrated the new go-emailthreads[2] library with lists.sr.ht,
which provides much better heuristics for parsing mail threads into
trees. We will soon update the lists.sr.ht frontend to take advantage of

[2]: https://git.sr.ht/~emersion/go-emailthreads

## git.sr.ht

The branch name is now included in the build tags when submitting pushes
to builds.sr.ht. You may want to update your badge URLs if you use them.

## pages.sr.ht

It is not available yet, but in the next few days we expect to merge
support for configuring per-file cache behavior for your site.
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