What's cooking on SourceHut? June 2022

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Hello everyone! Let’s get straight into the news today. Our user count
today is 29,612 users, of which 576 have joined since the last update.
Remember to be patient with these new users as they learn the ropes.

## GraphQL

Adnan continues to ship GraphQL services for SourceHut, this month
shipping webhooks for lists.sr.ht, and preparing to-be-reviewed patches
adding webhooks to builds.sr.ht and paste.sr.ht. The latest GQL support
matrix looks like this:

    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks†
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✗ read ✗ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks†
    ✓ read ✓ write ✗ webhooks†

† To be added soon!

The last major effort for the initial roll-out of GraphQL support will
be hub.sr.ht. Following this, we will be experimenting with GraphQL
federation, and starting to rewrite our cross-service communication to
use GraphQL. We’ll then make plans for sunsetting REST.

## lists.sr.ht

We are preparing some changes to mailing list visibility to bring it
inline with the design of other services. Permissions will be
consolodated into a single default set, and a “visibility” parameter
will be added which matches the behavior of other services. Sane
defaults for these new configurations will be selected based on your
current configuration — you will have received an email if your mailing
list configuration may require manual attention during the migration.

## builds.sr.ht

Image updates:

- freebsd/13.1 is now available

NixOS 22.05 will be available soon, and Fedora 34 will be removed soon.
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