What's cooking on SourceHut? July 2022

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Good morning, SourceHut! Today we have 30,815 users, 1,203 of which are
joining us for the first time this month — a big increase! To all of our
new users: welcome! To all of our more tentured users: be sure to offer
our new friends a warm welcome and do your part to help them learn how
to use SourceHut.

# GraphQL

Check this out:

    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✗ read ✗ write ✗ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks
    ✓ read ✓ write ✓ webhooks

Adnan has been hard at work on GraphQL this month, and we’re almost
done. The last remaining API to be implemented is hub.sr.ht, but before
we implement it, we’ll be experimenting with GraphQL federation.[0] This
will allow us to access every GraphQL API through a single endpoint,
seamlessly querying resources like git repositories and mailing lists in
a single request. Since hub ties all of the services together, this will
be a very good thing to have before we proceed with its API! This will
also bring many improvements we’ve had planned for a long time, but will
also require many serious internal design changes to our software, so it
will require some effort to thoroughly test & validate them before
rolling it out. Federation will also open some doors for long-requested
features, such as linking resources like bug trackers back to the
project they belong to.

[0]: https://www.apollographql.com/docs/federation/

# hut

hut[1] is a CLI tool for interacting with SourceHut’s GraphQL APIs, and
it usually doesn’t make it into these updates because it’s not
considered a core service. However, I wanted to mention it today because
I added support for exporting your account data with hut this month. The
export uses standard formats which are as portable as possible, such as
bare clones of your git repositories or mbox dumps of your mailing
lists, which you can re-import into any git provider or mailing list
software. Following this, I will be adding a similar “import”
functionality to bring your data back into any other SourceHut instance.
You can dump your account data locally, or queue up a build job to do it
on our servers.

Data autonomy is an important goal of the beta, so this also moves us
forward towards our long-term goals. It is also one step towards
unblocking features like account removal or renaming. Exciting stuff!

[1]: https://sr.ht/~emersion/hut/

# meta.sr.ht

No major updates this month, but I have been working on some upcoming
features to tease: an overhaul to the billing system. Here's a


Some of the improvements which will be on offer include:

- New payment methods, such as iDEAL and SEPA direct deposit
- The ability to enable or disable automatic rewewal
- More currencies to pay with
- Better payment method management & invoicing

This is a very complex overhaul, so it will take some time to be
completed. I’m not sure when you can expect it to be released, but I’m
looking forward to shipping it to you!

# builds.sr.ht

- Alpine 3.16 is now available
- NixOS 22.05 is now available
- FreeBSD 13.1 is now available
- Fedora 34 has been removed following its upstream deprecation
- NixOS 21.05 has been removed following its upstream deprecation
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