What's cooking on SourceHut? August 2022

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Good morning! 785 new users are joining us on this cool August morning,
for a total of 31,600 SourceHut users. Remember to be kind and patient
with our new members as they learn how to use the software and work with
the communities here. We only have a short update for this month, so
let’s get right into it.

## GraphQL

Work on GraphQL has slowed this month as we get ready to tackle a major
change: ID unification. Each of our services has a separate database
with their own user tables synchronized with meta.sr.ht’s authoritative
data, each of which has its own set of user IDs. This has worked fine
thus far, but for the coming work on GraphQL federation, we will need to
unify them. This is a major effort which will require thorough testing
and a careful roll-out, and progress on other goals will slow as it’s
being done. Stay tuned.

## Infrastructure

We have selected a new datacenter location for our European
infrastructure roll-out and are working with hardware suppliers to
provision an initial set of research servers to install. It will still
be several months before we’re ready to completely move our servers into
the EU, but things are moving along.

## todo.sr.ht

A new ticket resolution, CLOSED, has been added and made the default
selection. The project hub has also been updated to support using CLOSES
in commit trailers when pushing to git repositories.

## builds.sr.ht

- OpenBSD 7.1 is now available
- OpenBSD 6.9 has been removed following its upstream deprecation
- NixOS 21.11 is deprecated and will be removed shortly
- Ubuntu Impish is deprecated and will be removed shortly

We are also expecting Rocky Linux 9 to be available soon.

## dispatch.sr.ht

Dispatch is being deprecated. See the announcement for the details:

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