What's cooking on SourceHut? October 2022

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Greetings! Today we're joined by 623 fresh new users, bringing our total
of 32,904. News is light for this month, since I've been taking some
time off. However, things are still gradually rolling forwards, and we
have some important internal changes landing soon. I'll give you the

## Planned maintenance next week

We are rolling out a major, high-risk software upgrade on Monday,
October 24th. This will require an outage, and we have set up a
maintenance window starting from 09:00 UTC. For details, see

[0]: https://status.sr.ht/issues/2022-10-24-planned-outage/

## git.sr.ht

Vlad-Stefan Harbuz's patches adding REUSE[1] support to git.sr.ht have
landed this month. Software which is compatible with the REUSE
specification will enjoy native support[2] for license analysis in
git.sr.ht. This feature will be expanded in the future. Thanks Vlad!

[1]: https://reuse.software/spec/
[2]: https://git.sr.ht/~vladh/fotografiska/licenses

## lists.sr.ht

Thanks to Tanguy Fardet's efforts, mailing list owners are now allowed
to configure their lists to allow multipart text/html messages. Such
emails are still required to have a text/plain part. This is disabled by
default for new mailing lists and is discouraged for most users — you'll
know if you need it.

## meta.sr.ht

Simon has continued working on improving our OAuth 2.0 implementation,
aligning us closer with the specification and making it possible to use
it with more out-of-the-box OAuth 2.0 client libraries. Please file
tickets if you notice any additional discrepancies.
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