What's cooking on SourceHut? September 2022

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Guten Morgen, SourceHut! Today, I count 681 new users, for a grand total 
of 32281 registered users. As always, a warm welcome to them and the 
reminder to everyone else to help them feel welcome while they get 
settled. Today, I am filling in for Drew on short notice, so please 
excuse the brevity.

# chat.sr.ht

Simon has done some excellent work simplifying the authentication 
workflow of chat.sr.ht for users. The new approach is based on standard 
OAuth, which means other users of soju (the IRC bouncer running on 
chat.sr.ht) can benefit from this feature and use any available OAuth 
server for authentication. You can read Simon's blog post[1] for all the 

[1]: https://emersion.fr/blog/2022/irc-and-oauth2/

# GraphQL

The ID unification rollout is still taking its toll. We are currently
building a test setup (or rather, a test setup generator[2]) that is
reasonably close to production, yet does not include any user data. This 
will give us the needed confidence that we can roll out this major 
change without breaking anything.

In the meantime, the GraphQL API is now deemed mature enough that the 
OAuth2 dashboard has been made the default in meta.sr.ht.

[2]: https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/srht-fakedb

# Infrastructure

SourceHut goes to Europe! Next week, the SourceHut team will meet in 
person to inaugurate our new data-center. We'll be installing the first 
couple of servers, but it will be another while before we will serve 
production traffic from there. We will use this chance for some 
experimentation to decide on the infrastructure we want to run SourceHut 
on in the coming years.

# builds.sr.ht

- Rocky Linux 9 is available
- Ubuntu Impish has been removed following its upstream deprecation
- NixOS 21.11 has been removed following its upstream deprecation
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