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[PATCH hg.sr.ht] hgsrht: Fix repository deletion notices

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# HG changeset patch
# User Adnan Maolood <me@adnano.co>
# Date 1650481073 14400
#      Wed Apr 20 14:57:53 2022 -0400
# Node ID 738808203e621a83f8eae23cb1bdd8e698564fcc
# Parent  efc51c7552bad58f1c8db44244a12e4c79e7daf3
hgsrht: Fix repository deletion notices

diff --git a/hgsrht/app.py b/hgsrht/app.py
--- a/hgsrht/app.py
+++ b/hgsrht/app.py
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
import stat
from srht.config import cfg
from srht.database import db, DbSession
from srht.flask import SrhtFlask
from srht.flask import SrhtFlask, session
from srht.oauth import AbstractOAuthService
from hgsrht.hgwebshim import HgWebShim
from hgsrht.service import oauth_service, webhooks_notify
@@ -47,9 +47,13 @@

        def inject():
            notice = session.get("notice")
            if notice:
                del session["notice"]
            return {
                "stat": stat,
                "humanize": humanize,
                "notice": notice,
                "path_join": os.path.join,
                "scmname": "hg",
                "scmreflabel": "rev",
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Merged as b4d5c6f7058e, thanks!
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