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 builds.sr.ht-manifest.md: document complete-build

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 builds.sr.ht/manifest.md | 4 ++++
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diff --git a/builds.sr.ht/manifest.md b/builds.sr.ht/manifest.md
index 1a02e31..75ff983 100644
--- a/builds.sr.ht/manifest.md
@@ -128,6 +128,10 @@ order specified.
Each task is run in a separate login session, so if you modify the groups of the
`build` user they will be effective starting from the subsequent task.

The build environment also defines a shell function `complete-build` which,
when called, causes the build to terminate. Any subsequent tasks will not be

## triggers

*list* (of *trigger*)
This is actually intentionally undocumented. It may change in the
foreseeable future.