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 Explain CSP impact on target="_blank" links

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Making this just a bit more explicit will likely help people spend less
time debugging this or even deciding upfront that pages.sr.ht is not the
right service for them.

 content/limitations.md | 3 +++
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diff --git a/content/limitations.md b/content/limitations.md
index b247c81..860fe08 100644
--- a/content/limitations.md
+++ b/content/limitations.md
@@ -20,6 +20,9 @@ Content-Security-Policy:
The main consequence of this is that all resources must be served from
your domain — you cannot use a CDN or embed third-party content.

It also disallows forcing links to open in new tabs (`target="_blank"`), as
this is equivalent to opening a pop-up in the browser security model.

The published tarball is limited to 1 GiB in size, after decompression. Any
entries other than regular files are ignored (such as symlinks).

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[Explain CSP impact on target="_blank" links][0] from [Conrad Hoffmann][1]

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