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The patch review on lists.sr.ht is a nice feature but it's pretty hard
to use (at least for me).

First of, what is the structure of the page? What's the role of the
column below summary of the changes? When things are marked as comments?

Other thing is there's no way to expand the discussions. For example, I
want to read the continuation of the reply under the patch. The only way
to do this right now is to open archives and then search for that
reply. Maybe we should add a button to go to the message in archives and
read from there?

Also, sometimes[0] you can comment on other people's messages
(not patches) and it doesn't look good. Should this be possible in the
first place?

[0]: https://lists.sr.ht/~garritfra/taurus/patches/14947#%3CC71AB4HQHX0E.15WGVE6DGPYHW@sycamore%3E
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