[pages.sr.ht] Cache control headers missing?

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Hey folks!

I was using pages.sr.ht to host my personal website 
(https://misterio.me) for a couple of weeks, but i noticed moving 
between pages was a lot slower than it used to be when hosting at gitlab 
or github.

When inspecting the network tab on the browser devtools, it seems that 
nothing is being cached at all. My CSS and fonts get redownloaded at 
each and every page load, making usage quite slower.

It seems my page is missing the `cache-control` header. At gitlab, this 
is set to 600 seconds (which is quite low, but does speed stuff up).
srht.site itself also seems to be affected by this.

It seems all the rest of sr.ht does have caching enabled, though.

PS: For comparision, i temporarily have my site up at both gitlab 
(https://misterio.me) and srht pages (https://misterio.srht.site).


Gabriel Fontes

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Hi Gabriel! You're right that we don't presently configure any caching
for pages.sr.ht. I was initially against adding this as the complexity
didn't seem to be justified, but I might be more open to it after some
further thought.

I think it might make sense to let the user configure a series of
fnmatch filters and the cache settings which should apply to them for
their pages site. Can you open a ticket, and, if you're able, look into
the patch?
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