UX issue switching between associated *.sr.ht pages of a project

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I'm writing to describe my current biggest pain point with sr.ht's UX. Often
when looking at the git.sr.ht page of a project I want to switch to the
lists.sr.ht page. To do this, I take one of the following actions:

1. If the project happens to provide a link in their readme, use that.  

2. If the project has a "hub" page then I can delete the leading "git." part
of the URL in my browsers URL bar to get there and then follow a link to
the lists.sr.ht page.

Neither of these feels very intuitive. Ideally I would like to see links
directly to associated lists/builds/todo/man pages if a project has any. At
the very least, I think a link back to the project's hub page (if it has one)
would make a lot of sense and improve this situation significantly.

Aside from this issue, I've been quite impressed with sr.ht. Thanks for making
me learn the email-based git workflow, it's quite pleasant to not need a
browser to contribute to a project.

Isaac Freund
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This specific issue is prioritized for the beta.
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