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    Sourcehut currently throws 404 if a character in the URL of a
Project or Git repo use an alternate case.

    Sometimes it's better to name your repos/projects with
capitalization to help the reader figure out how to read or pronounce
the repo/project name. For example I created a project PostgreSQL [1]
with appropriate capitalization to match the official name of that
software. But if I use the wrong case for some of the letters, say, if
browser autocompletes or a user of mine uses the wrong casing after
watching a demo or tutorial, we get a 404.

    It'd be nice to preserve the case of these names, but honor the
alternate casing as well. Other major code-hubs do this, and redirect
the user to the URL with the correct casing. E.g.

[1]: https://sr.ht/~gurjeet/PostgreSQL

Best regards,
Gurjeet Singh http://gurjeet.singh.im/
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I was just about to make the same thread. I've been bitten by this too
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