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Hey all -

A nice feature (low priority...) would be the ability to specify an
unapplied patchset from a mailing list as a dependency on a child

For example, I could send a patchset to a list which is dependent on
another patchset in the list in order for any CI pipeline to work. This
would enable:

1. Submitting patches that are dependent on other users' patches which
have not been accepted yet.

2. Submitting patches which logically should be a separate series, but
may depend on a previously-unaccepted series of patches you submitted.

This could be done by, for example, adding a custom header following:

git send-email --annotate -1

And in your editor, adding a header of "X-Sourcehut-Patchset-Depends-On:
123, 124, 125, etc". The value of the header could be a comma-separated
list or a single value.

Functionally, the build system has to pick up on this header and apply
those patches in order before applying the current patchset.

Just an idea

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It's possible to include this info directly in the patch files [1],
instead of inventing a SourceHut-specific way to do it. Mind, SourceHut
doesn't support parsing this info, yet.

[1]: https://git-scm.com/docs/git-format-patch#_base_tree_information
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