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Note that putting the name of the remote (instead of a full URL) in the request-pull command will use the locally configured URL for that remote. So specifying the URL both times is only needed if one is ssh and the other is https, as in the example.
Pushed a fix, thanks for clarifying!
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**Note**: When you're prompted for an "In-Reply-To" header, you can ignore it
for now.

## Using request-pull

Some maintainers may prefer to receive a "pull request", especially if you are
contributing a larger set of changes than can be easily managed in a handful of
patches.  You should likely already be discussing your changes with the
maintainers, so make sure you are clear on their workflow preferences.

To use this workflow you will need to have somewhere public to host your
modified copy of the git repository, such as right here on git.sr.ht.  Add the
new remote:

    git remote add myfork git@git.sr.ht:~me/myfork

Then generate the pull request:

    git request-pull -p [rev-spec...] myfork

You can copy-paste the output into your email client (remember to ensure you
are not sending HTML email) and add any timely commentary in front.

## Handling feedback

You will likely receive replies to your email with feedback on your changes.

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