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Pushed a fix, thanks for clarifying!
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diff --git a/git.sr.ht/send-email.md b/git.sr.ht/send-email.md
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@@ -120,6 +120,26 @@ prepare an additional email summary to be sent first.
 **Note**: When you're prompted for an "In-Reply-To" header, you can ignore it
 for now.
+## Using request-pull
+Some maintainers may prefer to receive a "pull request", especially if you are
+contributing a larger set of changes than can be easily managed in a handful of
+patches.  You should likely already be discussing your changes with the
+maintainers, so make sure you are clear on their workflow preferences.
+To use this workflow you will need to have somewhere public to host your
+modified copy of the git repository, such as right here on git.sr.ht.  Add the
+new remote:
+    git remote add myfork git@git.sr.ht:~me/myfork
+Then generate the pull request:
+    git request-pull -p [rev-spec...] myfork
+You can copy-paste the output into your email client (remember to ensure you
+are not sending HTML email) and add any timely commentary in front.
 ## Handling feedback
 You will likely receive replies to your email with feedback on your changes.
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