Navigation-bar unreadable without JavaScript

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I've noticed that the compose theme's navigation bar becomes
unstructured and unusable without JavaScript.

When JavaScript is enabled, each page is displayed in the navigation
bar, and sections (#anchors) of each page are displayed if and only if
that page is in focus.

With JavaScript disabled, there is no significant visual distinction
between pages and sections. The font size looks a bit different, and
there's a few pixels of a padding difference, but spotting for these
differences is a huge pain. Furthermore, only clicking on page titles
work. If I'm on one page but I click on the sidebar's link to a
particular section in another page, it sends me to the section anchor of
that page on my current page, which of course doesn't work.

I have almost no experience in Hugo and CSS, so I won't be able to work
this out, but I have a feeling that this is doable.

Best regards,

Runxi Yu (she/they)
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Regarding the CSS issue only...

Something like this could be added to assets/sass/_custom.scss

nav#TableOfContents {
     ul {
         li {
             padding-left: 1em;

However, that would also change things for people that use JavaScript. I 
guess you could put that style in a <noscript> tag or do that only with 
CSS. In any case, the problem is the Compose theme and the best solution 
might be sending a patch to the developer of Compose.

You could also add something like this to the custom head template of 

     nav#TableOfContents ul li {
         padding-left: 1em;
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