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Hi, Amol. I'm glad to hear you've taken an interest in C and that my 
blog has helped you along that path. As you know, C is far from 
obsolete, and anyone saying otherwise doesn't see the larger picture. 
Not only is C still foundational to a greater degree than any other 
language, it remains *the* most popular programming language in the 
world to this day (recently overtaking Java again in the Tiobe index):


So you can cite that for anyone who doubts it. In case you hadn't seen 
it yet, this one of my favorite papers about C and its importance:

Some Were Meant for C

So learning C will put you at a great advantage over your peers who 
mistakenly dismiss it it as obsolete or irrelevant.

As for mentoring, I must turn you down. I do my mentoring in person 
(current circumstances excepted) through a program run by my employer. 
This is in large part because they provide support: handle paperwork, 
provide physical resources including computers, facility, and space, 
etc. Besides, I have my hands full at the moment. If you have a 
specific, well-considered question, I can answer it for you or at least 
point you in the right direction.

As with learning anything, it's all about practice practice practice. 
*Deliberate* practice. It's by far the most important thing you can do. 
Write lots of C, and try to do it correctly since that takes greater 
care and understanding. Learn how to program without Googling your 
problems. Instead become comfortable with navigating and understanding 
the documentation yourself (man pages, specification, etc.). Study code 
written by knowledgable programmers. Examples for C are the Linux 
kernel, BSD source trees, and SQLite. Fill in the remaining gaps with 
books and articles, though be careful about what you trust.

Good luck!
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